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Finally ready

I’m finally ready to talk Tigers. I needed some time to get some perspective. I couldn’t do it on my own, I needed help. I finally got that help tonight. I was checking my play list on TIVO and I saw a program marked to be announced. I played it to make sure it wasn’t a good Seinfeld before I deleted it.

It was the 8th and 9th innings of the clinching game four of the divisional series against the Yankees. It brought back my feelings from that night. Very cool. Instant perspective. Great year. Playoff baseball!

Maybe we lost the best chance we will have at a World Series title for a long time, but baseball is back in Detroit.

A good baseball team to watch in Spring and Summer makes life a little more fun. Watching a team play in October makes life stand still.

Okay, on to next year and beyond. I’m finally ready.


Oh the pain!!

The Tigers were just knocked out of the World Series in five games by the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a great ride from oblivion to the top of the American League this year, but it still hurts to lose the big one.

My friends and I kept saying, "Let’s just enjoy the ride," all summer and at the beginning of the playoffs so we didn’t get ahead of ourselves. But, after burning through the Yankees and A’s, we really started believing IT could happen. That must have been why it is so disappointing and painful. I’m litterally physically ill.

We let our guard down and allowed thoughts of another champagne celebration and World Series Champion sweatshirts hanging in our closets to creep into our heads way sooner than any jinx-respecting, sports-savvy fans should. Rookie mistake! We woke up the Baseball Gods with our over-confidence and they delivered a four-seam fastball right in Detroit’s collective ear. We just weren’t ready for such a long season. We were mentally fatigued in August after so many years of playoff hopes destroyed by June. We were like the proverbial rookie pitcher who never threw more than 110 innings in a season and hits the wall in September.

Next year we’ll be ready. All together now, "We are just taking this one game at a time," "We are just happy to be here," "We’re just hoping to help the ball club in any way we can." Repeat daily until April. I am too depressed right now to break down the World Series. I will say one thing. I do not dislike the Cardinals. In fact, I can’t think of another National League team I would rather lose to. They just pitched great and played solid defense and hit in the clutch.

Besides Jeff Weaver who was a real unappreciative jerk when he was in Detroit, I can’t think of a Cardinal I dislike. C’mon… Pujols, Eckstien? What’s not to like?

Over the next few months I plan to look back on this season and post-season, speculate and pontificate about possible roster moves, introduce myself and anyone who cares to the prospects in the Tiger’s farm system, try to find one person who likes Tim McCarver and just keep up on everything Tiger. I just love baseball,***** it!