About darren297

I’m just a huge Detroit Tigers fan. I love
baseball, think about it a lot, watch it all of the time and
want to know more. This blog gives me an outlet for that
build-up of useless information. If someone reads and
comments? Bonus! I watched the Tigers with my Dad when Eddie
Brinkman and Aurelio Rodriguez (the original A-Rod), played
the left side of the infield. I liked it then and became
obsessed when the Tigers won the World Series in 1984. I
barely remember seeing Kaline play his last year, I sorta
remember going to a packed Tiger Stadium to watch Mark
Fidrych pitch and I vividly remember that 35-5 start in 1984.
I have three boys (1, 4 and 5). I want to share my love for
the game with them the way my Dad did with me. I know the
game has passed me by, but I hope with my knowledge, guidance
and tireless training, one of my sons can do what I never had
the talent to do: Catch a damn foul ball at a Tiger