Finally ready

I’m finally ready to talk Tigers. I needed some time to get some perspective. I couldn’t do it on my own, I needed help. I finally got that help tonight. I was checking my play list on TIVO and I saw a program marked to be announced. I played it to make sure it wasn’t a good Seinfeld before I deleted it.

It was the 8th and 9th innings of the clinching game four of the divisional series against the Yankees. It brought back my feelings from that night. Very cool. Instant perspective. Great year. Playoff baseball!

Maybe we lost the best chance we will have at a World Series title for a long time, but baseball is back in Detroit.

A good baseball team to watch in Spring and Summer makes life a little more fun. Watching a team play in October makes life stand still.

Okay, on to next year and beyond. I’m finally ready.


One comment

  1. Mike

    I’m with you. I’ve heard the phrase “World Series Hangover” or simply a baseball hangover being tossed about. That describes my mindset lately.

    Also agree that we blew a chance to win the World Series — you don’t get that many chances (just ask the Braves).

    At long last, however, we can expect good things from the Tigers in the short- AND long-term.

    Keep up the blog.


    The Daily Fungo

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