Oh the pain!!

The Tigers were just knocked out of the World Series in five games by the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a great ride from oblivion to the top of the American League this year, but it still hurts to lose the big one.

My friends and I kept saying, "Let’s just enjoy the ride," all summer and at the beginning of the playoffs so we didn’t get ahead of ourselves. But, after burning through the Yankees and A’s, we really started believing IT could happen. That must have been why it is so disappointing and painful. I’m litterally physically ill.

We let our guard down and allowed thoughts of another champagne celebration and World Series Champion sweatshirts hanging in our closets to creep into our heads way sooner than any jinx-respecting, sports-savvy fans should. Rookie mistake! We woke up the Baseball Gods with our over-confidence and they delivered a four-seam fastball right in Detroit’s collective ear. We just weren’t ready for such a long season. We were mentally fatigued in August after so many years of playoff hopes destroyed by June. We were like the proverbial rookie pitcher who never threw more than 110 innings in a season and hits the wall in September.

Next year we’ll be ready. All together now, "We are just taking this one game at a time," "We are just happy to be here," "We’re just hoping to help the ball club in any way we can." Repeat daily until April. I am too depressed right now to break down the World Series. I will say one thing. I do not dislike the Cardinals. In fact, I can’t think of another National League team I would rather lose to. They just pitched great and played solid defense and hit in the clutch.

Besides Jeff Weaver who was a real unappreciative jerk when he was in Detroit, I can’t think of a Cardinal I dislike. C’mon… Pujols, Eckstien? What’s not to like?

Over the next few months I plan to look back on this season and post-season, speculate and pontificate about possible roster moves, introduce myself and anyone who cares to the prospects in the Tiger’s farm system, try to find one person who likes Tim McCarver and just keep up on everything Tiger. I just love baseball,***** it!



  1. cardsfan2222@hotmail.com

    2 years ago I was in the same situation you’re in, seeing a great team falter in the World Series. I must say being on this side feels alot better. The Tigers have nothing to be ashamed of, at least they were able to **** off most of New York. Congratulations on a great season

  2. SomeBallyard

    If you gotta lose, best lose to a class act like the Cardinals.

    I really like your analogy of the rookie pitcher for the Detroit season. In fact, that may be the most apt summary I’ve seen anywhere.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


  3. larrysen@flash.net

    I must agree with most of the comments above. It was a great, unanticipated ride, and we loved every minute of it. The Tigers have no reason to hang their heads- they just got out-pitched and out-hit at every turn. Cards are a class act: did you see Pujols tap Polanco on the head at the end?
    I would make this point however: to MLB!!

    1) Dump the 162 games, and lop a week or 6 games off the schedule. To see Granderson slip on a routine fly for him was-outside of pitchers making throwing errors- was the worst memory I will have. PLAYING IN LATE OCT. IS A JOKE! Wrap up the season by the end of the 3rd week!

    2) Less meaningless interleague games with rivals outside of our area, and more games with the Eastern division, traditional rivals.

  4. Benjamin

    As the other comments have said, your Tigers will be back here. I think as their young guns get another season under their belt (and some more fielding practice… sorry I had to) you guys will be a force to be reckoned with again next year. You could use a big bat in that lineup though.

    Anyway welcome to mlblogs and I look forward to reading your future posts!

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